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Maximize retirement business, minimize compliance exposure

At Convergent, we understand both the opportunities and challenges faced by retirement industry professionals and financial organizations. Our products and services, therefore, are laser-focused on helping you and your organization accomplish two fundamental business objectives:

  1. Maximizing your firm's efficient and profitable acquisition, servicing and retention of retirement clients, and
  2. Minimizing your firm's compliance exposure.

To meet the diverse needs of our client base, Convergent offers both turnkey solutions and tailored solutions to help you meet your firm’s compliance and business development objectives.

Turnkey Solutions

  • On-Demand Client Communication
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    Help your clients make sense of the SECURE Act changes with accurate, easy-to-understand explanations of the Act’s key IRA provisions.

    #501 IRA Owner’s Introduction to the SECURE Act of 2019

    The IRA rule changes made by the SECURE Act that are effective January 1, 2020, will affect some IRA owners and beneficiaries more than others. This brochure provides an overview of the changes to help IRA owners determine the impact the changes will have for them and their beneficiaries.

    #502 Expanded IRA Funding Options under the SECURE Act of 2019

    The rules governing Traditional IRA contribution eligibility have been expanded for tax year 2020. This brochure outlines who can take advantage of the new funding options.

    #503 Navigating the New RMD Rules under the SECURE Act of 2019

    When RMDs are required to begin has been changed for some IRA owners. This brochure not only outlines the new rule, but also provides a straightforward explanation as to who the new rules apply to and who must continue to be compliant with the pre-SECURE Act rule.

    #504 Penalty-Free IRA Distributions for Births/Adoptions under the SECURE Act of 2019

    Penalty-free IRA distributions are now available to individuals following the birth and/or adoption of a child. This brochure outlines the eligibility requirements for a “Qualified Birth or Adoption Distribution” along with providing information on a repayment option which allows for those funds to be returned to an IRA in the future.

    #505 IRA Beneficiary Rule Changes under the SECURE Act of 2019

    The rules governing required distributions to IRA beneficiaries have changed significantly. This brochure provides an overview of the changes to help IRA owners determine the impact, if any, the changes will have on their retirement heirs, and ether meeting with an attorney or estate planning specialist may be warranted.

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    Timely, cost-effective SECURE Act notifications to keep

    Your IRA clients apprised of significant IRA changes that may impact them.

    #510 SECURE Act Makes Immediate Changes to IRAs

    Alert your IRA owners and IRA beneficiaries of the IRA rule changes made to IRAs effective January 1, 2020.

    #511 Age Restriction for Traditional IRA Contributions Eliminated

    Let your IRA owners know that beginning with tax year 2020 they can now make Traditional IRA contributions regardless of their age.

    #512 RMD Starting Age Increased to Age 72

    Misinformation will be rampant. Proactively communicate with your Traditional, SEP and SIMPLE IRA owners before they misstep and take unnecessary distributions or fail to take one that is required.

    #513 Penalty-Free IRA Distributions for Birth or Adoptions of a Child

    Be the first to inform your customers of this new rule! “Qualified Birth/Adoption Distributions” offer your customers tremendous financial flexibility as these distributions are penalty free and there is an option to repay the amount withdrawn to an IRA sometime in the future.

    #514 IRA Beneficiary Distribution Rule Changes

    While there are “new rules” for IRA beneficiary distributions that are effective January 1, 2020, the “old rules” are still in play too. It’s complex! Giving your customers a head-ups sooner rather than later will allow them to consult with a tax advisor and/or financial planning professional on any changes, if any, they may wish to make to their legacy planning.

    SECURE Act Go-To Guide (coming soon)

    IRA Changes under the SECURE Act of 2019

    This Go-To Guide, web-linked for real-time updates, is an invaluable resource for IRA professionals. The guide contains the details and insights financial professionals will need to accurately answer the innumerable IRA questions that will arise following the enactment of the SECURE Act.

    More than just a hard-copy guide, this Go-To Guide is linked to a password protected website specifically for Go-To Guide users. The linked website provides interactive educational lessons that correspond to the Go-To Guide content, as well as real-time updates on IRS guidance as it becomes available concerning the implementation of the SECURE Act changes affecting IRAs.

    Web-Linked Resources (Available Only for Go-To Guide Users)

    • Interactive Lessons
    • Real-Time Industry Updates
    • Proactive E-mail Alerts (Optional)

    Go-To Guide Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: SECURE Act Overview
    • Chapter 2: Traditional IRA Funding, 70½ and Beyond
    • Chapter 3: Age 72 Required Minimum Distributions
    • Chapter 4: Qualified Birth or Adoption Distributions
    • Chapter 5: Accelerated Payouts for IRA Beneficiaries
    • Chapter 6: Miscellaneous Provisions
    • Chapter 7: Updated Internal Revenue Code Sections


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  • Web-Based Training & Technical Support
    • Stand-alone courses or full curriculum, hosted on your servers or ours
    • Web-based courses, testing and transcripts
    • Continuing education credits
    • Searchable online reference manuals
    • Searchable FAQ library with direct links to pertinent federal source material
    • Just-in-time Knowledge Nuggets videos
  • Documents & Forms
    • Plan establishment agreements for all IRA types as well as HSAs and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
    • Disclosure statements for all IRA types as well as HSAs and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
    • Comprehensive library of transactional documents
    • Ala carte or bundled options
  • Hotline Consulting
    • Direct phone access to Convergent's veteran subject matter experts (each with 20+ years direct industry experience)
    • Access for a limited number of supervisors/managers, or access for an entire call center or distribution network
  • On-Site Training
    • On-site training in the format you choose (seminar, workshop, roundtable, etc.), from basic to advanced
    • You pick the time, location and subject matter
  • Live Webinars
    • Open enrollment webcasts available for industry-wide participation
    • Individually schedule webcasts for your organization's chosen audience (employees, clients, distribution networks, etc.)
  • Training Materials
    • Copyright licensing for complete turnkey training programs
    • Turnkey training materials typically include PowerPoint™ presentation, scripted Instructor's Guide and corresponding participant Learning Journal
    • May be branded with your organization's logo, color scheme, etc.

Tailored Solutions

  • Strategic Consulting
    • Bring the Convergent team's expansive industry experience to bear on your initiative
    • Whether launching a new product, entering a new market, or simply taking an existing offering to the next level, Convergent's real-world expertise can help you turn concept into reality
    • If we don't have the expertise you need, chances are pretty good we know someone who does
  • Project Support
    • Have the vision, but lack the critical resources to bring the vision to reality?
    • We can help.  That's what we do.
  • Surgical Outsourcing
    • Have the resources, but lack the bandwidth?
    • We can help. From short, one-week projects to long-term, ongoing arrangements
  • Business Development Training/Support
    • Tailored value-add programs for product providers
    • Customized online planning tools
    • Thought leadership consultation
    • Train-the-trainer programs for retirement wholesalers
    • Fully scripted advisor workshops
    • Hotline access to subject matter experts (25+ years average industry experience)
  • Compliance Audits
    • In-depth assessment of forms/documents, policies, procedures, and more
    • Realistic assessment of key compliance risks
    • Best-practice recommendations for risk remediation
    • Implementation and ongoing compliance monitoring support
  • Ongoing Retainers
    • You define the challenge, we suggest options
    • Flexible scope—day-to-day support to annual reviews
  • Train-the-Trainer
    • Our subject matter experts (SMEs), your trainers
    • From basic "brush up" to in-depth knowledge transfer
    • Full-spectrum support (scripting, visual aids, participant Learning Journals, proficiency testing, etc.)
  • Value-Add Programs 
    • Stand out from the crowd with truly differentiated value-add offerings
    • From scripted, stand-alone presentations to comprehensive, fully-integrated campaigns
  • Whitepapers
    • Differentiation through thought leadership
    • Innovative, thought-provoking whitepapers on emerging industry challenges and opportunities
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    • Looking for outside expertise, but not sure where to turn?  Give us a call.  Even if we can't help you directly, chances are we can put you in touch with someone who can.